Kentuckiana Music Center offers violin, viola, cello, and bass rentals.


  • VIOLINS $20 per month + tax

  • VIOLAS $24 per month + tax

  • CELLOS $35 per month + tax

  • BASSES $50 per month + tax


All instruments are expertly adjusted. All of our rental instruments include the following:

  • Adjustment of bridge, sound post, pegs and bow.

  • Bow with real horse hair.

  • High quality case with attach nylon cover, or padded nylon bag for cello/bass.

  • Perlon type strings.

  • Tailpiece with 4 fine tuners.

  • Appropriate rosin.


We work very closely with Amati's Fine Instruments out of Cincinnati, Howard Core, and with Lane & Edwards Violins out of Louisville, KY.


This Agreement is between Kentuckiana Music Center (Lessor) and the undersigned Responsible Party (Lessee). It expresses our complete Agreement Charges in addition to the total rental fees imposed under the Agreement. The Responsible Party is urged to fully read and understand entire document before accepting its terms. It is agreed as follows:

  1. Terms of Rental: Kentuckiana Music Center rents to Responsible Party, and Responsible Party rents from Kentuckiana Music Center, the instrument described and for the total monthly fee shown, for the term described; but the term is automatically renewed by payment of each month's rent by the Responsible party. The Responsible Party may terminate at any time by returning the instrument to Kentuckiana Music Center. Rental fees up to the point of return are not refundable.

  2. Rental Credit: 100% of base rental fees (does not include tax) is credit that may be redeemed anytime against the purchase of a full size instrument or bow. Rent Credits are nontransferable, only applying to the user or responsible party of rental instrument. Rent Credits shall only be applied to like instruments, i.e., a cello rent credit may not be applied to a violin upon redemption.

  3. Liability: Under this Agreement Responsible Party is not liable for accidental damage to or loss of the instrument due to fire, theft, or vandalism during the rental period. Under these circumstances, you agree to report the loss to Kentuckiana Music Center, file a police report and furnish a copy to Kentuckiana Music Center upon receipt, and file a claim with your insurance company as required. Please return the damaged instrument in the event of fire as proof of loss under circumstances of fire or total destruction. Under conditions of total loss, you shall exercise or empower Kentuckiana Music Center to exercise your rights to obtain recovery, and cooperate with Kentuckiana Music Center efforts to obtain recovery. Upon payment, you agree to assign all insurance proceeds to Kentuckiana Music Center. When this payment is received, Kentuckiana Music Center agrees to replace your instrument with one of comparable quality and value as determined by Kentuckiana Music Center. All payments required for replacement and all payments required by this Agreement will be applied to the purchase of the instrument. The Value of the instrument at time of loss is the fair market value. If these guidelines are not met by the Responsible Party, the Responsible Party is responsible for paying for the value of the instrument.

  4. Covered Maintenance: We agree to keep your instrument(s) in proper playing condition as follows: All Repairs and Adjustments required from normal wear and accidental damage as determined by Kentuckiana Music Center. All parts and labor included. You agree to clean instrument of excess rosin daily, loosen bow hair, and store instrument and bow in protective case when not in use. You further agree to notify us in the event a repair is needed and allow reasonable time for repair or replacement. Subject to availability, replacement or loaner instruments may be provided. Strings and Rosin are included components and will be replaced as needed or upon request from a certified teacher. To claim service, rental account must be current. Any damage incurred while rental payment is not in force is the responsibility of the lessee until account is made current.

  5. Maintenance Not Covered: Kentuckiana Music Center will not assume any responsibility for any maintenance or repairs furnished by anyone other than an approved Kentuckiana Music Center luthier. Other actions available on a cash basis, but not covered under this agreement include any action with no direct affect on the playability of the instrument including but not limited to: cosmetic improvements, repair due to intentional harm, careless handling, lost parts, and expendable accessories (i.e., shoulder rests, chin rests, cleaning supplies). No repairs on cash basis will be made until Responsible party agrees to estimate of repairs needed at itemized pricing.

  6. Forbidden Acts: You agree that you will not sell, sublease, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber, or otherwise dispose of the instrument being rented. This contract is non-transferable. Any change of responsible party requires a new contract.

  7. Lessee agrees to monthly auto payments via credit or debit card. No other form of rental payment is accepted. 


IMPORTANT If you decide to end the rental contract THE INSTRUMENT MUST BE RETURNED TO KENTUCKIANA MUSIC CENTER. You will receive a receipt and your obligation will end at that time. If you don't return it to the above and don't have a receipt you will be liable for the rental charges until we receive the instrument.

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